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Mainers need care

Too many Mainers are struggling with the rising cost of healthcare, and sometimes finding it impossible to afford healthcare altogether. 


Governor Mills, Senate President Troy Jackson and our State Legislature have made significant progress toward making health care more affordable and accessible for many Mainers. 


But more work needs to be done. 

Too often, the health insurance companies offer less coverage for more money while  at the same time prescription drug costs continue to rise. We need better access to care for less.

Here are three things our state leaders can do right now to help all Mainers:



Make health insurance more affordable for working families.


Fair Pricing

Lower prescription

drug costs.



Create the Office of Health Care Affordability.

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Make Health Care Coverage More Affordable for Working Families and Small Businesses.

Like other states, Maine  should create a Healthcare Affordability Fund, which will provide a source of funding for innovative approaches to reduce the cost of health care coverage. The fund will do the following:



Provide financial assistance to lower health plan premiums or out-of-pocket costs for:

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Support other important initiatives that:

  • Increase affordability of health coverage for individual policyholders or small businesses;

  • Provide greater access to health insurance for uninsured Mainers

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Provide funding through a state-based Health Insurance Assessment (HIA) on insurance companies, an assessment they have been paying to the federal government, but no longer pay in 2021.  


Rather than giving insurance companies a big tax break, Maine, like other states, can use these funds to make coverage more affordable for people in Maine. The revenue from the HIA would be around $35.5 million.

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Lower Prescription Drug Costs.

Nearly 20% of Maine families have not filled a necessary prescription due to cost. Life-saving medication should never be out of reach due to high costs. There are smart solutions that Maine can put in place to prevent price gouging and ensure Mainers can get life-saving prescription drugs at fair prices: 


  • Establish international reference rates for the 250 most costly drugs in that state, so that Mainers don’t have to pay more for prescriptions than what other countries are charged for the same drugs.  

  • Stop price gouging of generic and off-patent drugs. 

  • Increase accountability by holding drug companies accountable for unsupported price increases. 


Smart solutions

Establish international reference rates for the 250 most costly drugs in that state, so that Mainers don’t have to pay more for prescriptions than what other countries are charged for the same drugs.

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Establish the Office of Affordable Health Care.

Maine should create an independent and nonpartisan office within our State Legislature focused on ensuring that our health care is affordable for everyone.  The office will:


  • Analyze data on the current state of our healthcare systems, including prescription drug affordability, rising insurance rates (including small business coverage), surprise billing and more.

  • Make recommendations based on the data to help state leaders pass policies that ensure Maine’s healthcare and coverage  is both accessible and affordable.

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